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Values to Action seeks a society that is founded on the value of ensuring everyone’s wellbeing. The human sciences have converged in pinpointing the conditions needed to enhance human thriving (Biglan, Johansson, Van Ryzin, & Embry, 2020).  Chief among them are the reduction of toxic biological and social experiences and the promotion of kind, compassionate, and prosocial behavior (Biglan, 2015). From the level of individual interpersonal relations to the level of the actions of entire nations, it is vital that we promote these kinds of nurturing practices.

Our strategy for bringing about a more nurturing society is laid out in Rebooting Capitalism: How We Can Forge a Society That Works for Everyone. It explains how American society has been taken over by a coalition of wealthy conservatives. It uses this analysis to create a blueprint for how we can replace self-aggrandizement with kindness and caring.

We need to demand that every sector of society– business, healthcare, education, criminal justice, media, and politics– functions for the benefit of everyone. To this end, we are creating small study circles that take the actions needed to advance reforms.

A study circle is a small group of people who come together to study a problem in an effort to devise a solution to that problem.  Study circles have been a key component in the development of social democracy in Scandinavia (Milner, 1990)  It continues to be a vital part of maintaining that nation’s commitment to egalitarian goals.  There are about 300,000 study circles operating in Sweden as of 2010 .

This approach is ideal for efficiently activating both behavioral scientists and concerned citizens who have limited time, less knowledge than they would like about what is wrong and what is needed, and no clarity about what they can do to make a difference.

If you join Values to Action, we will offer you opportunities to work with like-minded people on well-defined evidence-based strategies for bringing about change.


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The Book that Started it All

The Nurture Effect tells what we have learned in the past fifty years about what human beings need to thrive.  It describes family, school, clinical, and community interventions that make environments more nurturing. It is a comprehensive yet readable account of how we can create societies that ensure that just about every person arrives at adulthood with the skills, interests, values, and health habits they need to lead a productive life in caring relationships with other people.

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Rebooting Capitalism: How We Can Forge a Society That Works for Everyone

This book builds on the Nurture Effect to describe how we can achieve more nurturing societies.  It explains how advocacy for free market economics over the past fifty years took us to where we didn’t want to go.  Economic inequality has soared, millions of families are impoverished and racism rather than continuing decline starting in the 1960 has grown.  Meanwhile, our corporations are out of control and climate catastrophe confronts us.

The book presents a clear and actionable plan for how we can reform every sector of society so that harmful norms, behaviors, and practices are diminished and practices that support everyone’s wellbeing are steadily advanced.

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