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All funds contributed to Values to Action will be used to (a) reach more people about the effort to build a more nurturing society and (b) add content from members of the Values to Action community that helps others advance these efforts. Together we can build a community that contributes to the steady improvement in human wellbeing.

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Tony Biglan

Tony Biglan is the founder of Values to Action and an award-winning leader of worldwide efforts to evolve more nurturing societies.

He earned the Award for Scientific Translation from the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Analysis in recognition of his contribution to public understanding of the power of behavioral science.

Dr. Biglan’s expertise is based on 40 years of research on the treatment and prevention of psychological and behavioral problems. 

As a Senior Scientist at Oregon Research Institute, he has helped to identify effective family, school, and community interventions to prevent the most common and costly problems of childhood and adolescence around the world.

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