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This Book is for you if you’re sick of…

  • Corporations profiting at the cost of people's well-being.
  • Wealthy people using their money to control politics and public policy.
  • Racial and sexual injustices dragging into the 21st century.

These and many more issues are all connected.

And there is a clear solution.

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Why Only Dr. Biglan
Can Give You These Insights…

Dr. Biglan is a key founder of Values to Action and an award-winning leader of worldwide efforts to evolve more nurturing societies.

He earned the Award for Scientific Translation from the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Analysis in recognition of his contribution to public understanding of the power of behavioral science.

Dr. Biglan’s expertise is based on nearly 40 years of research on the treatment and prevention of psychological and behavioral problems. 

As a Senior Scientist at Oregon Research Institute, he has helped to identify effective family, school, and community interventions to prevent the most common and costly problems of childhood and adolescence around the world.

Ramona Houmanfar

Director of Behavior Analysis Program
University of Nevada

Robert M. Kaplan

Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Health Services and Medicine at UCLA

Susan & Peter Glaser

Founders of Glaser & Associates


Hi there – I just finished your book and I am speechless.  Tears were streaming down my face at many points.    What you have accomplished with this is a profound contribution to humanity and provides a solution to moving forward that combines personal transformation with actual committed actions that can be taken at every level in society.  Nothing I have read in my lifetime accomplishes what you have with this book.   I am amazed.  Every human needs to read this book.  I can’t wait to write a review for this on Amazon and tell everyone I know about it.  Thank you for the opportunity to read it.  It is a life-changing read and provides such comfort during this time of uncertainty and disillusionment.  You are a hero.  

With admiration,
Kimberly Berens
Founder – Fit Learning

What is Rebooting Capitalism?

Rebooting Capitalism is NOT just another boring book of wishful thinking.

Rebooting Capitalism is NOT rant on how the system is “rigged”.

Rebooting Capitalism is NOT a hypothetical pipe-dream.

Rebooting Capitalism IS THE SOLUTION.
Many sectors of modern society are sick. Capitalism often promotes the worst parts of society. This IS THE SOLUTION that leverages the best parts of capitalism and human behavior to create lasting and powerful change across all sectors of society. AND IT’S BACKED BY SCIENCE.

Inside This FREE Book, Here Are a Few of the Great Things You'll Be Given for FREE...

Chapter 5:

  • Page 88: Learn what nurturing businesses do.
  • Page 90: A construction company that gets it right. It is a model of nurturance.
  • Page 97: How B corps are changing the business paradigm to be more nurturing.
  • Page 98: Learn how the Conscious Capitalism movement is getting business to see to the interests of not just investors, but customers, employees, and the community as a whole.
  • Page 102: Learn what we can do to influence businesses to be concerned about your wellbeing.
  • Page 104: Action Implications: specific steps you can take to influence the values, norms, and behavior of businesses.

Chapter 6: Nurturing the Health of Every Person

  • Page 107: A succinct summary of the problems with America’s health care system.
  • Page 110: How large corporations makes money not paying you what they owe you.
  • Page 112: How Poverty, Economic Inequality, and discrimination lead to premature death.
  • Page 119: How materialistic values have corrupted the healthcare system.
  • Page 122: Learn the fundamental principle for reforming the healthcare system.
  • Page 124: How we can improve the healthcare system by creating accountable care organizations
  • Page 125: How behavioral science can contribute to public health.
  • Page 128: How to motivate the healthcare system to improve the health of the population.
  • Page 130: What you can do to improve the health care system.

Chapter 7: Higher Education: The Incubator of a New Society

  • Page 134: The key question we must ask of all institutions of higher learning.
  • Page 135: What would happen if our major universities put their considerable talents to work on addressing the most important problems we face as a nation?
  • Page 137: Why programs on law and behavioral science are needed in law schools.
  • Page 138: A new approach to economics that every university should be teaching.
  • Page 142: How the Harvard business school is contributing to corruption.
  • Page 144: How higher education can be the cutting edge for reform.
  • Page 147: Get a list of the specific things you can do to get our colleges and university better contribute to everyone’s wellbeing.

Chapter 8: Reforming Criminal Justice

  • Page 149: Get a good summary of all the problems with America’s criminal justice system
  • Page 153: Learn how much we know about how to rehabilitate offenders.
  • Page 154: learn how crime could be prevented if we made use of prevention science.
  • Page 157: Get a good summary of the many benefits of reforming the criminal justice system.
  • Page 159: Learn what you can do to reform the criminal justice system.

Chapter 9: Evolving Social and News Media to Promote Prosocial Values

  • Page 163: Learn about how social media are promoting hate and division.
  • Page 164: Read examples of the hateful behavior of many internet trolls.
  • Page 166: Learn how the internet has enabled hate groups to reach and influence thousands of people, who would never have been exposed to such views before social media.
  • Page 167: Read how internet marketers influenced people in Wales to vote against their own economic interests.
  • Page 171: Learn how new internet monopolies like Google and Facebook are making money by selling information about you.
  • Page 175: Learn how many of the leaders of internet monopolies are libertarians who strongly oppose any kind of regulation.
  • Page 182: All is not lost. Get examples of media activities that are promoting prosocial behavior.
  • Page 185: Learn how some news media organizations are working to promote the reform of capitalism.
  • Page 186: Learn what steps you can take to make a difference. You can make social media work for you and the things you believe in.

Chapter 10: Climate Change

  • Page 194: Learn how capitalists are profiting from climate change.
  • Page 196: A brief, accurate, and scary description of the how quickly climate change is happening and how bad it is going to be.
  • Page 200: Read about the dismal state of behavioral science research on climate change.
  • Page 201: Learn what needs to be done to combat climate change.
  • Page 207: Learn what you can do to combat climate change.

Chapter 11: A Political System That Works for All

  • Page 209: How the Democratic party abandoned the working class.
  • Page 211: Learn how the Clinton administration started the massive increases in incarceration, abandoned regulation of the banks, and created NAFTA, which send many jobs to other countries.
  • Page 212: Learn how the Obama administration failed to prosecute the bankers and how many of the administration officials got rich through their connections to Wall Street.
  • Page 217: What we really need to do (that can actually work) to fix our broken political system.
  • Page 223: A brief summary of the major things we need to do to create a political system that works for everyone.
  • Page 228: Learn about how progressives fail to persuade many voters because they explain how their policies promote three values that are important to most people: Loyalty, Authority, and Sanctity (or purity).

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  • People need to know the connection between human behavior and societies biggest problem in order to have real impact. Knowledge is power and we want to empower the people. All of them!

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