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Magnus Johansson

Oslo Metropolitan University

Diana Fishbein

President of the National Prevention Science Coalition

Dennis Embry

PAXIS Institute

I wrote Rebooting Capitalism to further the movement towards societies that are marked by kindness, caring, and respect. In The Nurture Effect, I suggested that fifty years of behavioral science research converges in showing the conditions people need to thrive and how we can make sure they have them. It pretty much comes down to environments where people feel cared for, help one and other, work for the good of those around them and keep coercion and conflict to a minimum. 

In Rebooting Capitalism, I go on to describe how and why we have evolved a political and economic system that undermined nurturance and is harming a huge proportion of Americans—as well as people in many other parts of the world. Indeed, the system we have now is allowing our climate to become literally unlivable. 

Rebooting Capitalism is a guide to what we can do to reverse the evolution of the past fifty years. We can move toward greater caring for all. I describe the reforms that are needed in every sector of society. They all boil down to identifying practices that are doing harm (e.g., marketing unhealthful food) and changing the contingencies so that such practices cause organizations to lose money. 

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Ramona Houmanfar

Director of Behavior Analysis Program
University of Nevada

Robert M. Kaplan

Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Health Services and Medicine at UCLA

Susan & Peter Glaser

Founders of Glaser & Associates


Hi there – I just finished your book and I am speechless.  Tears were streaming down my face at many points.    What you have accomplished with this is a profound contribution to humanity and provides a solution to moving forward that combines personal transformation with actual committed actions that can be taken at every level in society.  Nothing I have read in my lifetime accomplishes what you have with this book.   I am amazed.  Every human needs to read this book.  I can’t wait to write a review for this on Amazon and tell everyone I know about it.  Thank you for the opportunity to read it.  It is a life-changing read and provides such comfort during this time of uncertainty and disillusionment.  You are a hero.  

With admiration,
Kimberly Berens
Founder – Fit Learning

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Rebooting Capitalism Is A Guide To Improving Capitalism So It Works For Everyone

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Thousands of people around the world are working to promote nurturance–in families, schools, neighborhoods–even in board rooms. 

We share the value of ensuring the wellbeing of every person and the belief that the foundation for a thriving society is kindness. 

But we realize that achieving more caring societies will require building cooperation among millions of people and thousands of organizations over an indefinite period of years. 



Learn how you can become a part of this movement.  Start reading The Nurture Effect and Rebooting Capitalism and Join Values to Action.  


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