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Create real change

Fixing our society is not a luxury or a hobby. It’s a necessity. And it’s more important than ever to fix it now through active, real change. 

Values to Action is not another passive “club” to sign up for and then just sit back and watch the show. Your thoughts and ideas are worth enough. Your voice is loud enough. You can make a real difference and advance change. 

 Join and help change the society we live in for the better. 

Join a Community

Values to Action is an active community of individuals who work with peers and community members to enact change. As a member, you will have the opportunity to join Task Forces to collaborate with peers and communicate with a variety of groups and figures within society to advocate for change. A $47 (tax deductible!) annual membership fee will grant you access to all Task Forces. 

A better society, and a better life for all people, is within reach. Empower and inspire others to change the world. 

Advance change
in every
sector of society

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Media
  • Environment & Climate
  • Politics

Feel good about your Contribution

Your $47 Values to Action annual membership is considered a tax deductible donation–so feel good about your contribution. 

All funds contributed to Values to Action will be used to a) reach more people about the effort to build a more nurturing society and b) add content from members of the Values to Action community that helps others advance these efforts. 

Together we can build a community that contributes to the steady improvement in human well-being. Building a better life for all is priceless–so why not build a better tomorrow and better your tax situation at the same time? 



People all over the world are joining Values to Action NOW.


Change does not happen overnight. The movement is happening now. Join Values to Action today and be part of the solution.